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Kyndell Nichols

Kyndell Nichols Bought his first Hereford heifer in 1973 at 14 years old. Kyndell continued showing Herefords throughout high school until he attended Oklahoma State University majoring in agriculture economics and accounting. Kyndell continued being involved in the Hereford industry with

helping his younger brothers show heifers and selling bulls and heifers through private treaty and local

sales. Once marrying his wife Michelle, Kyndell shared this passion with his sons Levon and Lathan. It

was during this time from 2008 to 2014, Kyndell served on the Oklahoma Hereford board and then as

president of the board in 2014. Kyndell has also served on the American Farmers Ranchers Mutual

Company board and the Major County fair board, for 40 years, where he has strived to express the

impact the Hereford industry has on the youth and the genetic importance of the breed across the cattle



1996: Don & Billie Dennis

1997: G.T. "Doc" Easley, D.V.M

1998: Milt Messner & Keith McLemore

1999: Faye Trim

2000: Clifford Knight

2001: Burke Healey

2002: Robert Call

2003: Norman Durham & Haskell Hammontree

2004: Glen & Jean Britton

2005: Guy Shull

2006: Jim Boyd

2007: Dan Bowling

2008: Bill Jacobs

2009: Eddie Sims

2010: John Loewen

2011: Leon Langford

2012: Henry LeForce

2013: Charles & Nancy Buckminster

2014: Mickey Blakley

2015: Randy Ward

2016: Ted Curry

2017: Monte Soules

2018: Allen Moss

2019: Odell Gelvin

2022: Milton Messner

2023: Kyndell Nichols

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