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Messner Herefords was established in 1948 when Milton Messner bought a few winning registered females and one bull. In 1950, Milton began selling Hereford Cattle by private treaty and consignment in local auctions. Milton joined the OHA in 1952 and the AHA with his first purchases in the late 40’s. Milton has been very involved in the AHA, OHA, Texas and Kansas Hereford Association, Northwest Cattlemen’s Association and the OCA. During Milton’s time on the OHA Board, he served as president during the years of 1976-1978. Messner Herefords also had a hand in research and development for the association.  In 1998, they assisted Auburn University in studying fertility in females and correlation in scrotal measurements of the sire. Not only did Messner Herefords work with Auburn University, but they worked with University of Arizona and Colorado State University in doing research within the breed. Milton has celebrated and promoted the beef cattle industry and agriculture for 71 years. Milton has encouraged and assisted many young people who now lead the way in the cattle industry. He feels strongly that the youth are the future and it is our responsibility to encourage them to carry on tradition of breeding excellence in the Hereford breed.


2006: Oklahoma State University

2007: A.J. Smith

2009: Beacon Hill Ranch

2011: Durham Hereford Farm

2012: CBY Polled Herefords

2014: John Loewen

2015: Randy Ward

2016: Eddie and Ruth Sims

2017: Jimmie Johnson

2019: Milton Messner

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