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Turkey Feather Ranch

Turkey Feather Ranch is located in Ada, Oklahoma and has a rich history in the Hereford business.  It all began in 1957 when Paul Tucker and Tonya Willoughby started a commitment to building a polled Hereford program that would create functional cattle for commercial and purebred operations. Paul Tucker was known for his support of youth projects and the development of kids with cattle and it is this mission that remains at our ranch today.

Since 2007 Rindy and Ernie Bacon, have aggressively built a foundation of elite donor females and herd sires which have seen success throughout the country. Rindy has continued to grow and learn as she was a part of the CLA class 29.

In 2015, Turkey Feather earned Oklahoma Hereford Breeder of the year and since then their goal continues being to create cattle that will be successful for our customers and to continue our family tradition started by Paul and Tonya.


2006: Oklahoma State University

2007: A.J. Smith

2009: Beacon Hill Ranch

2011: Durham Hereford Farm

2012: CBY Polled Herefords

2014: John Loewen

2015: Randy Ward

2016: Eddie and Ruth Sims

2017: Jimmie Johnson

2019: Milton Messner

2022: Donna Curry

2023: Turkey Feather Ranch

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