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Stuart Ranches

In 1868, Robert Clay Freeny left Boggy Depot, Indian Territory to settle on the "Redlands" on what is today the Atoka/Bryan county line, north and east of Caddo Oklahoma. This country would become the future headquarters for the Stuart Ranch, which has now grown into a diversified operation spanning four counties in the great state of Oklahoma. The headquarters today is in Jefferson County, near Waurika Oklahoma.

Four enterprises comprise the Stuart Ranch, a commercial cow­ calf operation, a horse operation, Stuart Ranch Outfitters and Bar S Corriente Cattle. In 2020, Stuart Ranch Meat Company began to meet the demand for lean, quality beef locally and nationwide through our online site.

Being good stewards of the resources God has given us to manage, is a commitment to which the ranch is dedicated. In 2018, Stuart Ranch celebrated a milestone, the 150th anniversary of continuous family ownership. The ranch is proud of its tradition and heritage and looks forward to an exciting future of excellence.


2010: Bill Jacobs

2011: Jamison Ranch

2012: Lenhard Johnston

2013: Ratcliff Ranches

2014: MASC LLC, Ranch

2015: Bowling Ranch

2016: Ledbetter & Son LLC

2017: Charles & Nancy Buckminster

2018: Sparks Ranch

2019: Kroos Farms

2020: 4B Herefords

2021: Buford Ranches

2022: Jamison Herefords

2023: Stuart Ranches

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