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Wheeler Farms

Wheeler Farms started in 1903 and was the state’s largest pig farm for some years. What was originally two farms, a husband-and-wife duo Robert Lee and Rosie Lee Wheeler. who could not farm together. Many years later they consolidated with Sam Wheeler. In the 1940’s Sam was given the choice of a new car for college or his own set of cattle. His choice was the start of the foundation of Wheeler Farms Herefords. Sam attended Oklahoma State and told many stories of riding in the boxcars with the cattle to different shows while at the university.

Sam went on to marry Bernice Heisler and have two children Karen and Phil Wheeler. Phil ran the operation successfully for many years with one of his more favorite accomplishments of winning reserve heifer at Fort Worth in 1987. Phil and Lynda married in 1986 where they had one child, Will Wheeler. Will and Phil spent many years in the show ring.

Phil later passed and the farm was taken over by Will and Nicole Wheeler. They share numerous similarities with the program Phil started, yet it has grown much larger. The farm now has a very active ET program and facility. Working many years on changing the herd while also finding success on the national and state level many times. The farm hosts an annual sale in the spring called the Southwest Ranchers Bull & Female sale. All of these things are only possible with some of the best staff the farm has had.        

In 2020 the farms opened a successful meat market, where they sell primarily Hereford and F1 cross genetics of beef to the town of Chickasha and surrounding areas. In doing this it has come very close to marketing and vertically integrating all animals. Very rarely do any younger animals ever make it off the place without going through the sale ring or the meat market.

Recently, Pit Boss, a bull raised by Wheeler Farms, was named Reserve Champion bull at the North American Livestock show and Reserve Polled bull at Fort Worth. He was also a division champion in Oklahoma City. Wheeler’s take great pride in this accomplishment because as the Hereford breed continues to grow and expand they hope to continue to do the same. Remaining informed about genetic opportunities and staying current with breed advancements is crucial in order to achieve their goals within the industry.


2004: Jerry Harland

2005: Charles & Nancy Buckminster

2006: Messner Herefords

2007: Charles & Karen Gray

2008: Langford Herefords

2009: Jack Turner

2010: MCS Cattle Company

2011: Vanderwork Herefords

2012: Curry Herefords

1996: Bob & Delores Call

1997: Norman & Jane Durham

1998: Monte Soules

1999: Carol & Francis Hoffman

2000: Haskell Hammontree

2001: Bill Jacobs

2002: Jimmie Johnson

2003: Ted Curry & John Loewen

2013: Square G Ranch

2014: Buck Cattle Co.

2015: Turkey Feather Ranch

2016: Jamison Ranch

2017: Vanderwork Herefords

2018: Jim Birdwell

2019: Buck Cattle Co.

2020: Curry Herefords

2021: Express Ranches

2022: 6 Mile Creek

2023: Wheeler Farms

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