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Express Ranches

Today, Express Ranches is an active participant in every phase of the beef production process and has fed as many as 50,000 head of cattle per year and owns an interest in the 30,000 head capacity Xcel Feedyard near Watonga, Oklahoma.

The addition of the historic UU Bar Ranch located just outside of Cimarron, New Mexico, added over 164,000 acres of high-altitude rangeland to Express Ranches. A production unit of commercial cows and calves plus 4,000 to 5,000 yearlings have allowed the testing of Express genetics under these semi-arid conditions that are not unlike that experienced by many of its commercial customers.

The genetics developed, tested and marketed by Express are designed to satisfy the needs of

every step in the production chain. Carloads of bulls shown at the Denver Stock Show and the sale of junior project cattle that compete in every level of competition have led to an ongoing emphasis on phenotype and structural soundness in the Express breeding programs.


2004: Jerry Harland

2005: Charles & Nancy Buckminster

2006: Messner Herefords

2007: Charles & Karen Gray

2008: Langford Herefords

2009: Jack Turner

2010: MCS Cattle Company

2011: Vanderwork Herefords

1996: Bob & Delores Call

1997: Norman & Jane Durham

1998: Monte Soules

1999: Carol & Francis Hoffman

2000: Haskell Hammontree

2001: Bill Jacobs

2002: Jimmie Johnson

2003: Ted Curry & John Loewen

2012: Curry Herefords

2013: Square G Ranch

2014: Buck Cattle Co.

2015: Turkey Feather Ranch

2016: Jamison Ranch

2017: Vanderwork Herefords

2018: Jim Birdwell

2019: Buck Cattle Co.

2020: Curry Herefords

2021: Express Ranches

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